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Our goal is to grow Toronto small business’s brand awareness - from both tourists and Ontario residents! Our social media design entices both tourists and locals to repeatedly use our platform to follow and engage with small businesses.

Cost-Effective Advertising

We offer cost-effective advertising solutions that attract a desired demographic - Travelers! We work as tour guides. During the busier tourist season, our goal is to reach over 1,000 new viewers per week, predominantly tourists!

Advertising Insight

Tourism can benefit local entrepreneurs and small businesses. An advertisement through Next Stop Toronto can help you cater to a diverse range of visitors. With inflation skyrocketing, locals have had their pockets squeezed. 

Advertising in Toronto

Advertising Summary


We are Tour Guides
We are tour guides that meet hundreds of people per day. They listen to our recommendations. We‘ve been living in Toronto for over 15 years. We know travelers’ expectations for the city and duly make recommendations.


What Makes Us Different
Our platform is well organized. We highlight business advertising by geography, activities and tastes. This makes the experience quick, easy and informative for the user.


Repeat Viewers
Because our layout is organized, our users tend to come back to our platform for more updates or to find new things to do in the city. This applies to residents in Toronto and the surrounding area!


Engaging Content Updates
Our platform regularly refreshes content, ensuring users find new and exciting recommendations with every visit. Stay informed and inspired!
Stay Informed
Stay Inspired

Explore our latest updates and recommendations tailored to your interests and preferences. Discover new experiences and hidden gems in Toronto with our engaging and informative content updates.

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